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It is thought that she was so resented by Anne, that her servants birched her for the least offence.

There is even one story that Anne herself once held Mary down and applied a slipper to her bottom.

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Sure spanking is part of human sexuality along with a hod load of other consentual behaviour but there’s a lot of “methinks the lady doth protest too much” about that particular blog post.

This is true Anyanka, I must admit the thought of eating salted meat doesn’t seem very nice especially later on in the depths of winter where the meat would have started to decay.

There was nothing unusual about Lady Jane’s treatment.

At the time, women of good birth were often birched. Little Eddy’s whipping boy I believe was someone called Barnaby Fitzpatrick, in fact it was considered to be a honour to be a royal whipping boy.

Did men and women of the social elite expect to have a happy marriage? They understood that they married to please family and in the case of the extended royal family of whom Jane was, they could expect to marry to further political alleigences either in their home country or abroad.

If they were lucky then love or at least mutual affection and respect could blossom.and that at times there were perhaps very heated arguements, but beating the hell out of Jane just because she chose to stay curled up in the corner with a book just doesn’t seem right.Was Jane beaten into submission to marry Guildford?As for marriage well it was a case of making the best of the situation, there were the odd love matches, but for the most part a marriage was based on mutral respect and understanding.Love was seen as a useless and un-neccessary thing..But without direct evidence such as truthfully written letters or diaries we really don’t know what happened on these marriages.

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