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She bobbed her head up and down on this guy’s dick as I heard her moan her second orgasm of the visit.

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I was especially wrapped up in a vid of some typical, blond, big-breasted girl getting “facialled” by a group of dumping, sad-looking guys when I heard Kelly’s door creak open, I peeked through the door and saw her with her dress wrapped around her waist, teasing her pussy with her fingers.

She quickly closed the door, not wanting to rush things. She’d turned down the volume on the vid, so I could hear a voice egging her on.

Kelly and I’d been here before and the staff were used to us.

Kelly once had a glorious day trying on various kinky outfits in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, parading around topless, bottomless, and even virtually nude for the delighted patrons, including Cheryl, the vinyl-wearing babe with the jet-black hair and the pierced nipples (she’d shown them to us on several occasions, trying to tempt Kelly into getting hers done). She smiled at the young, rather plain-looking guy behind the counter as she followed me into the back room where the peep-show booths were.

I watched as Kelly walked half a block ahead of me, the short skirt moved teasingly in the evening breeze, bouncing back and forth, her light brown hair was swaying across her shoulders.

I thought of her smooth shaven pussy, naked, being tickled by the occasional gust of wind, each of which threatened to expose her to passers-by.Her legs were spread just slightly as she shrugged the straps from her shoulders exposing her perfect little breasts to the moonlight.Then, grinning, she turned and continued down the alley, neither dropping her skirt nor adjusting her straps until we were almost back into the street.I’d seen Kelly do some wild things, but watching as she knelt down on that cum-smeared floor, rubbing her knees into the congealed jizz, ever I was impressed!She held her tits up to the opening, letting the stranger pinch them, moaning and fingering herself all the while.Nothing original, just the typical “yeah baby” and “play with that clit.” I guess when you’re watching through a “gloryhole” and see a gorgeous woman with an amazing body play with herself, making clever conversation is a low priority.

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