Exotic dancer dating

So they will be discerning about who they spend their time with outside of work and while most want to have a man they can trust, they are independent enough not to rush into anything.

She is very highly sexed - Generally speaking even if girls strip for money they have am above average interest in sex in the first place.

My girl likes sex as much as I do so when we meet we spend most of our time doing it.2.

Since I originally read this thread last year I have been lucky enough to start dating a stripper and thought Id share my experiences so far. I got lucky - If circumstances had been slightly different, it's very unlikely it would have happend. Most of the girls have boyfriends, the ones who are single chose to be.

Chances are they will behave like they like you when they don't and even if they do it can be really difficult to get contact details while they're at work. Most strippers who come and talk to you will flirt, touch you and generally give the impression that they like you, when they have zero interest.

It's a lot of fun and I also now get into the club where she works for free and take my friends in there.

She's hot - Obviously she probably wouldn't do so well as a stripper if god hasn't blessed her with some good genetics and she's a good looking girl who attracts a lot of attention wherever we go.

That's their job, so it can be hard to work out if someone's really into you or not. Talk to her like you would any other girl that you like.

Strippers get a lot of people been really leery and weird to them and they generally have to put up with it.

She's sexually liberal - The fact that she takes her clothes off for strangers everyday is an indication of how comfortable strippers are with sex and being naked.

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