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But other than that, I hope they enjoy it, and we're very proud of the episode.

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They're better than anything we did last year." - of the assassination debate.

"Our intent was to open a storytelling avenue." ...

It's a style of storytelling that really appeals to me.

I think we're gonna do that a lot next year--have [those] two parallel things going.

"Aaron had started playing with the idea of an assassination attempt months before," said Mr. or that weren't going to care." Quite the opposite.

Spencer, referring to "West Wing" guiding light Aaron Sorkin. and I think that the Republicans, who started the George Bush juggernaut, thought that we weren't going to notice . "If you've got to run for president, at the very least, you've got to be able to speak in complete sentences." - Sheen, who's a social sort, was a bit loose of lip after the Television Critics Association's Awards in July, at least until John Spencer came over and went all Leo Mc Garry on him, pulling Sheen back before he ventured too far onto the grassy knoll.

What they will say, though, is that the episode includes flashbacks detailing how the Administration came to be.

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series Win with Part 2 for Thomas Schlamme Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore) Win with Part 2 for W. Snuffy Walden Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series Nomination with Part 2 for Aaron Sorkin Submitted for consideration after Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Nomination by John Spencer Submitted for consideration for Outstanding Drama Series Win Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Television Series Nomination with Part 2 (Winner Unknown) Continuing Series Episode Nomination with Part 2 "Last week I decided I want to [do] a two-part episode, which would be a flashback showing how everyone came to be part of the campaign.

"When I spoke to Marlin Fitzwater on the phone about hiring him, his one question was: 'I don't need to be, like, the right-wing guy, do I? Camera crews and actors will be in the city to film exterior shots of the GW Hospital on September 16th. 4) are a two-parter on the ramifications of the shooting ...

' And I said, 'Be whatever you want,' " Sorkin told TV critics at a session on the Warner Bros. "Peggy," he added, "had no such problem." When Aaron Sorkin, the creator of The West Wing, visited the Oval Office, he ended up getting a mini-tour of the White House from National Security Adviser Sandy Berger. Interior scenes are filmed at Warner Brothers studio in California. that's all I can tell you." - The biggest thing that goes on here is all the people who feel slighted. They're lobbying hard, and every time these guys come through here -- and they come through occasionally -- they grab them, and yell at them about, "Why don't you have more national security people? Sandy would be one who'd have to plead guilty to that. He tries to appease us and goes on to say that he promises that we'll find out who gets shot within the first 90 seconds of the show (plugs "A week from Wednesday!

How do I set up the rules with viewers that from time to time, this is going to happen and you shouldn't be upset by it?

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