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It's likely that BPD is related to the combination of a number of different factors, including genetic factors, temperament, biology, and other environmental considerations. If you are living with BPD or know someone living with the disorder, take the time to learn what you can.Contrary to popular opinion, BPD is treatable, and those living with the disease can live meaningful lives.There are no accurate statistics, but some experts estimate that for every recorded invention that eventually reaches the market, ten never will.

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So, while there is a good deal of research that links childhood abuse to BPD, there is also evidence that about a third of people with BPD report no abuse.

There is also evidence to link BPD to other forms of child maltreatment, such as emotional and physical neglect.

It is enough that someone, somewhere, sometime previously has described or shown or made something that contains a use of technology that is very similar to your invention. A piece of technology that is centuries old can be prior art.

A previously described idea that cannot possibly work can be prior art. An existing product is the most obvious form of prior art.

If childhood abuse is a risk factor for BPD, what are the way in which these childhood experiences lead to the development of BPD?

A 2016 study found that emotional abuse was the most significant type of abuse in later BPD and that preoccupied adult attachment may be a mediator between the abuse and BPD.No form of abuse is considered more severe than another; all forms of abuse can have long-lasting implications for the person and can shape their mental state.Research does indicate that there is a relationship between child abuse and borderline personality disorder (BPD).Prior art is any evidence that your invention is already known.Prior art does not need to exist physically or be commercially available.People with BPD report high rates of childhood sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and/or physical abuse.

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