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And oh, Lou Lou didnt fit that MD’s wife, It wore her instead. On me this settled WAY too fast into orris root and sandalwood and not much else. Because I could never find it in the stores, I just thought it was discontinued. It's actually bizarre how something so unnatural can feel so natural.

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Just as an odd coincidence (speaking of Elizabeth Taylor fragrances), I've just put on my scarf which has the lingering scent of White Diamonds Parfum. They do share some notes, but I never would have thought to blend Lou Lou and White Diamonds. A complex, tumultuous fragrance, a field of magnetic force, really intoxicating! But it was warm today where I live (in the low 70s) and I went outside, and I started getting wafts of this gorgeous powdery vanilla...

Together on skin I think they would be too much, but with only a faint whiff of WD on clothing, this is lovely. Iconic, I dare to say that there are no more powerful fragrances like this ... Not too sweet, not gourmand at all, just warm and slightly sexy, and I loved it!

Paired with plum, the flower smells ultra velvety and pretty sweet. This isn't a tropical summer white floral; this is an 80s hallmark fragrance best paired with velvet cocktail dresses. You wouldn't get 'feminine'from this in today's age.

It's dated, but if you like vintage style perfumes, this won't disappoint you. I like this one, but I would say that Petit Bisou by Paris Elysées is better than this reformulation.

I might have to warm up to it a little bit because I’m not sure if I like it yet. The year was 1988, it was my first job, I was young, precocious and willing to try anything in life, the senior MD’s wife came in one day to check if I was a competitor for her husband.

He was mid 40s, Of course not to me, but obviously a threat for her. Lou Lou was an odd, hesitant 'love at first sniff'.

This sensual, wild and mysterious perfume is captured in an opaque blue and red flacon of a simple octagonal straight-lines shape that narrows towards the top.

Earlier version of the bottle was designed like Alladin’s lamp with blue octagonal base and red spiky top.

If you do enjoy Poison, Samsara, Shalimar and Passion by Elizabeth Taylor, but find them too intense to wear in public, you might like to try Lou Lou.

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