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HOWEVER, if your existing computer and the version of MS Word that you use are both several years old and you do not wish to replace/upgrade either in the near future, you should consult the compatibility tables on End Note's support pages (scroll down for the table).

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In your Word document, you can reach into End Note and insert in-text references along with footnote or endnote references according to a wide variety of styles.

End Note Web has many of the same features as the full version but it is simpler to use and is accessible via the web.

Mountain Lion 10.8 and Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" that will impact the functionality of certain software titles and services offered by the Medical School.

Mac users need to ensure their applications and drivers are compatible with Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9 before upgrading.

There are several things which you should consider: More recent versions of End Note include added features which you may find useful for your work (for example the ability to synchronise with End Note Online).

If you are already planning to upgrade to MS Word 2013 you will have to upgrade to End Note X7 at the same time because versions X6 and earlier are not compatible with Word 2013.

Online End Note training resources are available at: For those interested in the different versions of End Note, the current comparison chart can be found at: contact Web of Science Service for UK Education Support by emailing [email protected] should you have any queries or require assistance.

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Unfortunately it doesn't work like this on a Mac, I could not find the *file with the Endnote X6 installation on my Mac.

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