Emerge config file needs updating

So, if you choose the easy/system-wide way simply install ufed with: USE flags are not the only optimizations we want from our portage system.

Other flags corresponding to the instruction sets and other features specific to the x86 (amd64) architecture are configured into the variable called CPU_FLAGS_X86.

The USE variable allows the system wide setting or deactivation of USE flags in a space separated list while are set inside /etc/portage/or for better fine grained per package control we should set them inside /etc/portage/

This is often the case for network interfaces, especially wireless network interfaces. As we don't have encrypted partitions other than root which must be mounted by systemd before the whole system start we don't need to set it up there, so, our crypttab must be empty.

In the past some utilities wrote information (like mount options) into /etc/mtab and thus it was supposed to be a regular file.

Run: If you want to know exactly which is the best option here you can read this post to choose your best option MAKEOPTS=”-j$ 1″ is NOT the best optimization. Be sure that you have Internet access from your live-cd: Great!

We are now inside our final Gentoo system but we need to bake it a little more time.

Portage is the Gentoo autobuild system, similar to packing systems like apt, yum or pacman in binary distros. Pre-compiled binaries are also available, but these are out of reach of this guide.

Wikipedia says: Portage is Gentoo's software distribution and package management system.The original design was based on the ports system used by the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) based operating systems.The portage tree contains over 10,000 packages ready for installation in a Gentoo system.To get a full list of kernel sources with short descriptions can be found by searching with emerge: In both cases we must configure it manually that normally is the most difficult procedure a Linux user ever has to perform.Nothing is less true - after configuring a couple of kernels no-one even remembers that it was difficult Some drivers require additional firmware to be installed on the system before they work.The profiles are maintained by the Gentoo developers as part of the Portage tree (/usr/portage/profiles).

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