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You either love and respect Drake’s vulnerability as an artist or hate that he kisses and tells millions about his stressful love life.

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Bria Vinaite is getting pep talks from Willem Dafoe, but she’s not dating Drake. Someone liked her creation, and soon she was selling weed-themed items like bikinis and baseball caps through Chroni Cal Designs, a business which she says paid her bills for a few years.

That either of these facts is true—or even needs to be stated—indicates the strange position the 24-year-old finds herself in now that she’s starring, alongside Dafoe, in director Sean Baker—and one of the most widely acclaimed films of the fall season. “I never thought I’d see the day where Willem Dafoe was just casually like, ‘You got this, girl,’“ Vinaite tells the day after her New York Film Festival premiere, which her friends and family attended. (You can still see remnants of that on social media.) She was thinking about other career opportunities when Baker reached out.

Also, he lost some weight and is showing off his new bod. She shot the hell out of her shot and was even at the Pacers game looking like a snack for her bae. Either way, if they do become an item, they are melaniny majesty and we want parts. 4 years 3 month 2 weeks and a Sunday for you to love me Monday all it took was 1 Day.

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Well, Vinaite got a dose of tabloid attention after she reportedly went out for dinner with the rapper in Toronto, when was showing at that city’s film festival. As she tells it, when she was about “18 or 19,” she made herself an outfit.

“To just hang out with a friend and then everyone’s like . Call it luck or fate, but whatever it is, it seems to have a way of finding Vinaite.

Im excited to make this commitment to my teammates, the organization, and OKC fans ­the best fans in the world!!!

Im grateful to the Thunder and thankful to God for this opportunity!!!

In “From Time” Drake says that he discovered Bria in Macy’s it was Bloomingdale’s.

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