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She was a Vietnamese girl in my class, the only one in my school. But as a white American who travels extensively in China for work and is married to a Chinese national, I have to call horse shit on the submissive fantasy thing too.

Chinese women in particular AREN' T submissive.

I knew a very cute Chinese girl who was an engineering major once..

do asian men feel asian women dating white men-49

Just my experience, and for the record I've never lived in California and I'm not denying the existence or relevancy of those with fetishes..

Just saying, I don't have one and while Ive met one or two guys who obviously did, I know many more white males who just think (a relatively high proportion of) Asian girls are hot, on their own, without any weird baggage involved.

It was more the loose, long black hair, her tanned skin.

In other words she was just a beautiful actress and dressed skimpily, I think Raquel Welch was crazy hot in those old Dinosaur movies too, also most Bond girls etc...

Woe be unto the poor ignorant guy who goes into a mixed marriage based on that stereotype.

Are there some creepy guys out there with an Sailor Moon fetish?

This is not a media driven fetish, just a means to see world class, beautiful women when you don't them anywhere else in your regular life.

The idea that white men only like Asian women because we are all geeks that no white woman will have is also pretty offensive and while it might be one reason you see a lot of silicon valley guys in mixed relationships you can also argue that they just have more in common with those women from an educational, interest and a career perspective.

”, the 13th episode of Plan A’s podcast, I think one thing that is really important to talk about and reflect as Asian guys is, think back when we were younger. Because I think a lot of Asian guys online like to act like they’re noble warriors defending their ethnicity.

Who were the first girls in grade school we had crushes on. But if we’re being honest…Some of the research talks about this large disparity between who Asian men and Asian women date.

Nobody brings that up and I guess its a chicken/egg thing but you can't prove if the attraction drives the popularity of the porn or the other way around.

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