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Alternatively, you can fill up either jar with warm water and a little dish soap and pulse it a few times.Rinse everything off and you'll be good to blend again unless you were just mixing something particularly sticky.

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Without a larger container, Nutri Ninja couldn't effectively perform food processing tasks.

With 900 watts at the Nutri Ninja's disposal, a bigger jar with measurement lines might have rounded out the product and made it a steal.

You can run out with that cup in hand, grabbing a sipping lid and turning it into a to-go container as needed.

It's easy, effective, and fun to transform your blending container into your drinking cup.

For $90, it makes smoothies as well as some $400 and $500 models.

What's more, it completes these tasks quickly and with style.

The Nutri Ninja has enough power to prepare your food quickly, and I liked that through pulsing I have direct control over the thickness of the mixture.

If you need something finer, you can hold the container down on the base and it will stay on, but the manual recommends pulses.

Newer versions of this discount brand, like the Stay or Go model even include similar to go cups.

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