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It doesn't surprise us that he was approached because he'd be a perfect catch if he didn't have a wife.He's highly successful, he isn't over-exposed and being a motivational speaker, he wouldn't be at a loss for words when faced with needing to charm and disarm the inevitable cat fights.I am going to use the the alleged Zizo and Andile relationship, courtesy of RGB as an example. Not in any shape or form, yet we believe it because RGB said ' they are rumoured to be dating'.

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Which is why Kolo's revelation is a brave step in my view to help curb the surge of this pandemic.

Indeed if many in the spotlight would be open about their statuses, it would help de-stigmatise the disease and hopefully many of their fans will be encouraged to go and get tested.

Just few days prior to this he and Iko Mash announced that they will be starting a reality show.

It is sad that we still live in a world where a disease that is so common within our society still warrants a front page attention.

Thapelo appeared on Tumi Morake's late night talk show, Tumi said that when the pair had worked together, he had requested expensive eczema cream and his barber be brought on set.

Laughing, Thapelo explained that it was important for him to look after himself."Here is one thing that is important and which I really believe in: You have to understand that if you are a young actor, you have to back yourself up.

What's up with Zwai coz Loyiso Mangena did his lobola/traditional wedding at his fathers place and that's in the 'burbs - I think it was Mulbarton (someone correct me if I have the place wrong) Haai Melanie le yena, kanti, don't other men holla at her?

to me she is either deep in love or way too desperate..

FACT,my boyfriend saw them together at a lodge in maftown and he was given the room they were supposed to have checked out off.they hadnt yet and was not cleaned and there were used and unused cd's all over. Teasers - August 2018 July True Love Teasers - July 2018 Bagusarai Teasers - July 2018 My Golden Home Teasers - July 2018 Young Love Teasers - July 2018 Fire and Ice 2 Teasers - July 2018 Hope Teasers - July 2018 The Bold and the Beautiful Teasers - July 2018 Ring of Lies Teasers - July 2018 Imperio Teasers - July 2018 Light My Eyes Teasers - July 2018 Click HERE for all July teasers.

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