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She stayed in the car while I was talking to the nurse.Sometimes the past continuous is found in the principal clause, while the past indefinite is in the subordinate: They were talking inside while he stood watching the path. She was standing, staring at the open letter in her hand.3.Then I understood that they were not returning either that year or the next. If no future reference of the action is evident, it implies that though the action was planned, it was not and will not be carried out:“Listen”, I said. Joanna was coming up too but was prevented.” I said quickly: “She was coming to tea yesterday afternoon.” (was due to come, but did not).§ 36. In all its uses the past continuous is translated into Russian by means of the past tense of the imperfective aspect.§ 37. The past perfect is formed analytically by the auxil­iary to have in the past indefinite and participle II of the notional verb.

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Two or more verbs having the form of the past continuous, whether used in the same or in adjoining sentences, always denote simultaneous actions performed by different persons or non-persons: Nash made periodic appearances in the town but what he was doing and what traps the police were setting, I had no idea. The prepast period of time to which the actions in the past perfect refer is unlimited, that is, they may take place either immediately before some moment in the past or in the very remote past.

This tense is used with both actional and statal verbs.

I (work) ______ at my uncle’s shop when I was younger.

He (hit) ______ a lot of homeruns since he (join) ______ our team.

As he was climbing up, he all the while looked at the birds soaring high above him.

When I was working there, I played in the local jazz band.

The moment of time at which the action is in progress can also be shown by the previous context, or understood from the situation: He did not answer. I told him that Ralph was staying at the Three Boars.2. She looked all the while at him as she spoke in her slow, deep voice.

But, the past continuous is rather frequent in adverbial clauses, introduced by the conjunction while, as, when, as long as, etc.: While they were talking, the boy waited outside.

The verbs to stand, to sit, to lie expressing actions in progress at a certain moment, or during a certain period of time in the past are commonly used in the past indefinite, if they are followed by participle I. They sat beside their lorry, drinking soda water and eating sardines from a tin. In such sentences the adverbials always and constantly are generally included.

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