Directv guide not updating

We’re continuously updating the app to provide a better experience for customers.

We encourage customer to keep the app updated.” The rocky launch could serve as a warning to viewers, and other companies planning to dive into the streaming TV game, of the challenges that still exist for online TV offerings like this.

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In some cases, live and on-demand content simply won’t play and will result in an error message (typically saying your show “had some trouble loading.

Please try again later.") When TV and movies do play, subscribers have encountered other issues, like frequent buffering or reduced video quality, despite what they claim are strong connections.

Available now Apple's i OS and tv OS platforms — and coming to Android, Fire TV and Roku to follow in coming weeks — this revision also looks to bring Direc TV Now closer to parity with its competitors on Cloud DVR. This summer, Direc TV Now will offer another tier of this service, with 100 hours of space and a 90-day limit, but you'll spend $10 extra per month. Sling TV's DVR costs an extra $5 per month, and You Tube TV, Hulu With Live TV and Play Station Vue give DVR for free, though Hulu's $40 accounts limit you to 50 hours of content, with 200 hours available for an extra $15 per month.

The new Direc TV Now will feature a cloud-based DVR, with 20 hours of free recordings that expire in 30 days.

Other times, subscribers say live TV shows will cut out in the middle of a broadcast, as though they’re pausing for a commercial break where there is none, causing viewers to miss portions of their program.

Another error has caused viewers to be logged out of their accounts in the middle of watching TV and forced to sign back in again.

“We both laugh, but I cry on the inside for putting us through it.” Another day as a #Directvnow customer another #crash #retweet if your @directvnow is crashing as well.

#att #uverse #directv U2HIl— Silver Share Holder (@Silver Share Hold) January 13, 2017 Subscribers have been encountering a number of different problems.

“We are not sure why this is occurring,” a Direc TV representative wrote in a forum reply. Other users have said they were logged out and locked out of their accounts.

“I haven't been able to log in for three days now,” one person wrote on the forums.

On the other hand, though competing services are not without complaints, Sling TV and PS Vue both launched without such debilitating errors. ” Several people complaining about Direc TV Now on Twitter have said they’re switching over, or back, to Sling.

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