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History of Domestic Violence The traditional view of violence in a relationship focused on a crime of abuse involving two individuals in an opposite-sex (heterosexual) marriage.Typically, the abuser was the husband and the wife was the victim.

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The terms “domestic violence” and “intimate partner violence” are today used as synonymous terms to describe some form of abusive behavior by one individual upon another person in a relationship.

While these two terms are used interchangeably to describe the same criminal offense, they have different origins.

More recently, transgender individuals have gained attention as a population that is also subject to intimate partner violence, yet slow to seek help due to societal views.

Breaking the Cycle of Violence Regardless of whether we call it “domestic violence” or “intimate partner violence,” the term refers to a cycle of violence demonstrated through control and abuse that exists in a personal and intimate relationship.Domestic violence victims were considered the key recipients of protections provided by this legislation.Intimate Partner Violence Concept Introduced Societal views expanded to better understand the types of violence that exist within relationships as well as the reality that the roles of abuser and victim are not gender-specific.This is the origin of the term “domestic violence,” where the abusive behavior was viewed as a form of violence that existed within a domestic relationship.In the early 1970s, women’s rights groups began an organized campaign highlighting the need to address the issue of abuse perpetrated by husbands upon their wives.Like “domestic violence,” this new term does not assign the roles of the abuser and victim to one gender or the other.

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