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They couldn’t have pumped a few million units out two or three weeks ahead of schedule?

Apple’s i Phone works like a combination of many different items.

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The ideal i Phone user will access email and social networking sites, make phone calls, watch videos, listen to music, and play a few app games along the way.

That means the i Phone is not meant to be a computing powerhouse, but a convenience tool. To disseminate new apps, Apple depends on something called the “App Store”, launched a year and a half after the first i Phones.

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You fill out your profile — your personality type, interests, beliefs and education.

The best way to make sure you aren’t stuck with a very expensive phone with terrible call quality is to check out AT&T reception in your area before you buy.

i Phone Pros and Cons Apple did a few things really well with the i Phone: Multitasking — Being able to perform more than one application at once, like the i Phone 4 can do, is a big plus for Apple’s i Phone. Whether you’ve a penchant for i Phone games, use Apps for reference purposes, or you depend on Pandora on your i Phone to keep you distracted at work, the App system pretty well has you covered.

App Store Management –– The fact that Apple is decidedly against opening up Apps not approved by Apple (also called “unsigned Apps) shows that they’re more concerned with following some strange moral code than in providing their users a better service. This has to change for the i Phone to grab hold of a larger market share.

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But as usual, Apple has really missed the mark on a few points as well: No Flash — Sure, HTML5 is the new Flash, I read tech magazines too. Phone Issues — Even though many changes have been made to the i Phone software and hardware, many customers hate the AT&T service.

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