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I was way in debt on the back of a failed business, I had no prospects, and it was after 9/11.

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He hasn’t carved out his own space, like a woman and the whole thing about getting married.“I am on the other end, having just gotten married, I live with a woman whom I love very much.

She controls a lot of the space and the decision making, too, we share.

“At 30, we were all, I’m talking about my male friends, on the same starting line at 30 and now that I look at how the race is finished, take a snapshot at 40, man there’s a huge range. Other guys they have an alcohol problem or addiction.

Other guys will come of out of the closet, they’re gay.

“There were 10 years between us at a point, but we always ended up on the phone, for both us, but I felt from my side I would have these conflicts or these ideas and I would call Pete up and say, ‘What do you think of this,’ and we would end up just shooting the breeze for an hour, talking about these particular issues, trying to get our heads around the trade-offs.”“Pete’s an actor and a writer and a man about town, he’s involved in several businesses, he has his own concierge business, and he’s not ‘established’ really yet financially,” Paul says.

“But he just moved to a nice place, so he’s got a flat share, so he lives with 2 other guys and a woman, so it’s still quite collegiate.

, shares how she rewired her way of thinking with dating optimism to attract her perfect other half.

We talk about what you put out into the universe, why being so available often backfires, and how to become so happy that the right person will naturally be drawn to you.

“I’d ask him some moral question, or have a conflict over my own choices or lifestyle, and he’d come back with some thoughts and examples from friends and his own life.“So in late May of 2015, we decided to pop a microphone in-between us and finally record one of these.

We put the recording up as ‘The Men’s Room, Episode 1,’ and left it at that.

“Because there’s so many ideas we’ll only treat an idea superficially for 10 minutes and then want to come back to it.”“We have a core group of listeners–including my mom–who are with us each week.

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