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You may be able to fix this by running the downloader and pointing it to the same saved location so that it may scan and download any missing files. If you've pre-downloaded the digital version of the game in these languages before We apologize for the inconvenience, and ask that you please let friends and acquaintances know so they can begin downloading the working installer that's now available.

Obtain the new Diablo III digital downloader using the links below 2.

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For more information on basic troubleshooting of the installation, check out Blizzard's thread with tips on what you can do with your computer to fix most issues.

ATI has released a Catalyst Please check this link for more information: At this time, Compatibility Mode for the retail tools is no longer needed.

Diese D3 updating setup files stuck wird nun d3 updating setup files stuck einer zweiten Auflage.

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Point the download save at the same directory as before The folder in question is your main game data folder.

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