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You'll also want to keep in mind that certain functional gifts can send unintentionally rude messages.

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A handwoven piece of clothing like a knit hat or mittens Some homemade food like cookies or brownies non-perishables are best A song written and performed by you if you're truly bold!

If you're really worried about giving your guy friend the wrong gift, let him choose it for himself!

Another great way to show your appreciation for your friend without sending the wrong signals is to make your gift all about your guy friend and his circle of friends which includes you, obviously, though you don't necessarily need to pick a gift that you would enjoy personally.

For example, if your guy friend is in a band with a few of his other buddies, a great gift would be to give him a custom-designed T shirt with his band's name on it.

The potential problem with these sorts of gifts, of course, is that they can sometimes come across as cold.

Giving a plain, functional gift to someone you've known your whole life may lead to hurt feelings if your guy friend is sensitive about this sort of thing, so be aware of this possibility.For instance, if you see a stack of Nintendo magazines, there's a good chance he's a gamer, so a new game or some Nintendo memorabilia would be a good option.Along the same lines, if you see a Metallica poster on his wall, there's a good chance he's a fan of the band's music, so a concert DVD or some band merchandise may be in order.These sorts of gifts will usually be warmly received you're giving something he likes and will actually use while also showing him that you put some thought into the gift.If you aren't sure what your guy friend likes to do, a quick trip to his house or apartment should clue you in just look at what he has lying around and what's on his walls.Don't worry by choosing an appropriate gift, making it clear that you're not interested, and avoiding common blunders, you'll be able to get an ecstatic but completely romance-free response out of your guy friend.

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