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The problem is that most sites don’t choose what ads they display; instead, they are placed automatically by an advertising distribution networks that might deal with thousands of websites at once.If hackers infiltrate these networks, fake ads containing dangerous pieces of code can end up getting placed instead.

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In spite of the development of advanced anti-spam software, individuals and businesses alike suffer the consequences of spam email that finds its way to the inbox.

However, as annoying as it can be, spam is relatively easy to deal with.

Tools like these will be invaluable in keeping you out of harm’s way on your travels around the world wide web.

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Unsolicited bulk email, otherwise known as spam, is unwanted email sent in large quantities.

It mainly consists of ads trying to sell certain products or services.

Sometimes when a site has internal vulnerabilities, hackers are able to jump in and insert malicious code, or place malicious ads as we talked about above, that immediately forward you to the page or popup they want you to see.

This happens so fast that you probably won’t spot it happening, but whatever you see on the new page – don’t touch it. If you can’t see a way to cross off the window and it’s taken over your screen, try CTRL ALT DEL and close the browser manually, or restart your computer if you need to.

If you don’t recognize the name of someone who sends you an email with an attachment, delete it without opening or clicking any links.

If you know the person but you’re not expecting them to send you a file, or if there is anything odd about the email (the message doesn’t sound like them, for example, or they haven’t explained what the attachment is) don’t open it either. Give them a call, compose a fresh email or contact them some other way to check whether or not it really came from them.

Avoid clicking suspicious-looking links in emails and watch out for the warning signs, such as:● a lack of encryption;● off-kilter branding;● aggressive popups telling you to download a program; and● claims that your Mac is running slow or your device is already infected. Get off it fast and then check your programs and downloads for any new software you don’t recognize.

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