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It has since been supplemented and regularly updated by the LGBT Library. Danish law from 1683 stated: “Relations against nature is punishable by execution”.

By a law of 1866, the death penalty was replaced by a sentence of prison labour.

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As a result of the police action only very few dare to join.

1961 Folketinget (the Danish Parliament) enacts “Den Grimme Lov” (“The Ugly Law”) which criminalises relations with male “prostitutes” aged under 21, and the payment in question need be no more than a packet of cigarettes or money for a taxi home.

1952 The world’s first successful gender-modification operation is undertaken at Rigshospitalet (The State Hospital, in Copenhagen) with wide press coverage.

The person operated on is 26 year-old Christine Jorgensen, a former American soldier. Within a dozen years it is also the membership magazine in Norway and Sweden.

1955 “The great pornography affair” means that a very large number of men are arrested and given prison sentences.

Axel Lundahl Madsen is sentenced to one year in prison, and his future partner, Eigil Eskildsen (later named Eigil Axgil), is given eighteen months.

For more detailed information, please read our political agenda (PDF).

If you plan to visit Denmark we suggest that you check out these guides to gay Copenhagen. Copenhagen Gay Life – a guide to gay and lesbian tourism in Copenhagen Gay Copenhagen – a guide to places and events to check out while in Copenhagen Out & About – a guide to the gay bars, cafés and restaurants in Copenhagen Gay Agenda – a guide to all events in Denmark The overview below is based on the article in Danish, “LBL and other Danish gay movements”, which Inge-Lise Paulsen and Vibeke Nissen wrote to Lambda Nordica in 2000. Homosexuality was a crime in Denmark until 1930, at least for men.

Riots at Stonewall Inn in Christopher Street, New York, marks a new beginning for homosexual liberation and the struggle for equal rights.

Instead of seeking to be recognised according to the norms of the society around them, gays and lesbians now fight for liberation and realisation on their own terms.

Ekstra Bladet (a popular nation-wide magazine) estimates that between thirty and seventy people commit suicide to avoid the attention of the police in Copenhagen.

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