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The DAYS Daily Recaps Archive offers you day-to-day summaries of Days of our Lives beginning in 1996 and continuing through to the current week. After finding Tony's urn at the crime scene, the police arrested Anna for the murder. The police watched video surveillance from the crime scene. Eve and Victor advised Sonny to sign the papers, and he did. Brady asked Eve to take their relationship to the next level.To view any of the daily recaps here, simply locate the week that you want to review. Anna showed Roman a threatening letter she had received, and he provided her an alibi. Gabi asked Stefan to rescind Andre's decision to fire her, but Stefan deferred the decision to the board. A doctor diagnosed Steve with an unknown autoimmune disease.Claire won the Bella contest by one vote, which drove a wedge between Ciara and Tripp. Hope and Rafe discovered that the dark-haired woman in Hong Kong was Abigail. Stefan urged Gabby to leave town, but she was caught.

Chloe woke up in Mexico City and was greeted by another prisoner: Theresa.

Roger gave Rolf's notebook to Will, and Will and Paul examined it for clues about the mystery drug.

Brady recuperated in the hospital after being drugged, and Eve was hesitant to forgive him.

Abigail confronted Ben in her mind then retook control of her body when she heard Chad's voice. Ciara promised Claire that she would push a story about a technical glitch rather than publicly expose Claire as a cheat.

By doing this you will have access to the complete Monday through Friday daily recaps for that week, just as they were posted on Soap Central during that week. A former corporate raider, Stefan announced that the board had named him the new CEO of Di Mera Enterprises. Abe overheard that Lani was pregnant, and he told Valerie. Anna's preoccupation with Tony's ashes drove a wedge between her and Roman, and they broke up. Projections for Gabi Chic appeared strong, and Kate complained to Andre that Stefan would get the credit for her work. John informed Chad that someone inside Di Mera had sabotaged the company, and the evidence pointed toward Andre. Andre professed his love for Kate, and after talking to Lucas, Kate told Andre that she loved him as well. After exiting rehab, Lucas asked Chloe out on a date. Carrie returned to town to represent her parents after Hope arrested them. Eli agreed with Lani to keep the baby's paternity secret. A wig-wearing Abigail revealed her alternate personality, Gabby, to Stefan.

As our archives have grown, we've created one page per calendar year. Stefan and Vivian moved into the Di Mera mansion after a new DNA test confirmed Stefan was Stefano's son. Brady seduced Eve, but Eve was wary of his motives. Kayla warned Lani not to lie about her baby's paternity. Stefan continued to push Abigail's buttons and flame her jealous feelings about Chad and Gabi. Carrie advised Rafe to tell Hope about his affair with Sami. Will and Paul confronted John, and he fired a gun at them. Eli and Rafe confessed to one another about their affairs. Stefan deleted a voicemail from him on Andre's phone. charged Gabi with murder, and Chad bailed her out of jail. Chad confided to Gabi that he believed Stefan had been working with Andre and had murdered him. Gabby had Gabi's coat and ID as well as the murder weapon, which she attempted to plant in Stefan's room. Billie helped John take down Pam at the ISA and give Steve the antidote to his poison.

Jennifer also urged Hope to think about saving her marriage to Rafe. Kayla told Abigail that there appeared to be nothing medically wrong with her. Claire asked Theo to hack the website and help her win the contest.

A guilty Eli confessed to Gabi about his affair with Lani. Lani was hospitalized after severe cramping, but Kayla approved her to return to work. Ciara overheard Claire talking about submitting herself for the cover of Bella magazine. Chad saw a dark-haired woman outside Stefano's room. Brady bet Eve that Claire would win the Bella contest or else he would stop pursuing her. Marlena suspected that Abigail had dissociative identity disorder. Gabby knocked out Marlena, and Stefan locked her up in the tunnels.

Will learned how Rolf had revived him and that there were other test subjects.

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