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Being a pastry chef is so much fun because you can mix up a lot of colorful ingredients.

Create the most amazing pie in this amazing cookin...

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Welcome back to the local Kitty Grooming Studio, where it's your job to take care of precious, fluffy kittens.

Your schedule is busy today, as five sweet kitties have been left in your care so tha...

Find out what's wrong with his throat and start the treatment.

You will find all the tools you need, just learn how to use them and have fun...

This baby monster's favorite band is in town today and she has front row seats so that she can see all of the action up close.

But lately, she's been having trouble hearing and fears that she won'...Sarah is staying on the family farm this Summer, and she can't wait to spend her days playing with the precious ponies.Unfortunately, Sarah's grumpy Aunt has a long list of chores for Sarah to do...You are about to help three fashion divas get ready for an Instagram challenge! She is not feeling well so you have to be her doctor and take care of her in the emergency room.This means that you must style them up and make them look absolutely astonishing. Learn how to perform CPR on your patient, use the oxygen m...ww, Audrey is having trouble with a nasty tooth ache and she's in pain. Hurry up and brush her teeth and get her ready for the treatment. Take the ultimate fashion challenge and show off your skills in this new Autumn Ladies Cozy Trends game! Discover more about the Boho Style and surprise Natalie with your hairstyling skills.

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