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Yet, good things are increasingly hard to come by in the world of college dating.

Instead of classic chivalry, we now have men and women available in every form while we swipe left and right in self-indulgent apathy.

When I think of the pre-Tinder era of dating, it’s hard to refrain from picturing Lucille Ball from “I Love Lucy” taking a meticulous casserole out of the oven while dinosaurs groan guttural noises outside her window. My head says that tindering is the devil in an earthly form and that no real, respectable relationship can come from it.

Yet, a deeper curiosity that presses and persists much more valiantly than logic wants to go on the cliché coffee date, just to meet new people. Yes, I want you to take me out and pay for my dinner.

That side of me always seems to prevail, despite my many failed attempts at Tinder and dating in general.

Maybe I've seen too many romantic comedies, but whenever I detect a "spark", whether through Tinder or otherwise, something in me just has to see it through in the hopes that something good will come of it.

If you found someone you connect with, you should take it and run with it because it is so beautifully rare.

I know that kind of contradicts what I just said, but it’s my hopeless romantic side speaking.

A large selection of fancy color fresh fruit including grapefruit, naval oranges, red and golden delicious apples, D'anjou pears, bananas, topped with grapes, mixed nuts and candy.

Wrapped with colorful paper and topped with a bright bow.

Is owning your masculinity just an excuse to be a slut too? I am aware of all of the downfalls of perusing the people of Tinder, yet I don’t let them stop me from doing just that, and I couldn’t tell you why.

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