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As your relationship progresses you will want to keep some level of mystery in your relationship.

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Of course this does not mean that you should not talk about yourself, the things that interest and inspire you.

It is vital that you do because otherwise you will come across as vacuous but a relationship should be a two way street.

If you find out you have been duped by someone you thought was single is, in fact, married the best thing you can do is dump them straight away.

If you want more than a fling it is just not going to happen.

Similarly you don’t need to give your date a blow by blow account of your childhood or your grandmother’s hemorrhoid operation.

Take the time to learn about your date (see above) and what makes them tick.Rightly or wrongly, people will not truly want to have someone in their life who is capable of breaching a trust in this way.You might find yourself being given a wide berth by friends who have significant others, after all if you have done it once the chances are, at least they will think, you might be unscrupulous enough to do it again.In almost any course on how to network you will be told that while there is a time for talking you should make the most of opportunities afforded that allow you to be an active and engaged listener.If you are the type of date who spends the entire evening talking about yourself, prospective spouses will ask you out and even date you for a while but are unlikely to want to ask you to be their life partner.You are also telling them that they are important to you and, as a result they are more likely to want to keep you in their life.

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