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Single parent families can have a different dynamic, although this does not change where respect should lie and how they interact with each other.

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"My experience is that 80% of contact is from younger men who want cyber sex, 10% are very sweet but completely hopeless, and 10% are genuinely interesting, but may have ishoos.

I think it reflects real life actually." He's the right age, he has all his own teeth and he laughed at your joke about Peppa Pig. Do not, repeat DO NOT, start imagining how you'll introduce him to your kids.

Observe how he or she interacts with your children – do they show an interest, or do they see you children as an irritation? If you’re not feeling good about yourself in his or her presence, then this should be a red flag.

You’re both single parents, so you will have your expectations on how they should behave, just make sure you’re in agreement or this could cause problems down the line. But remember, in dating for parents this works both ways.

As a single parent, it is important to make wise choices, especially regarding the individuals you bring into contact with your children.

That’s why we’ve jotted down some helpful things to remember while exploring online dating for parents.

It’s wise to use the acronym CHECK to filter out poor choices.

: With dating for parents, a person’s character can reveal a lot about how harmonious a relationship could be.

Don't take your account offline on the strength of it. "It's easy to get sucked in by messages - imaginations can go wild.

Mumsnet OLD veterans recommend messaging and dating lots of people at the same time. Always assess the information you have in front of you, not what you want to see/hear." Someone might tick every box on paper, but make your skin crawl in person.

: Do you feel at ease when spending time with them? Do they have a tendency to rant, whinge and complain? : We’ve mentioned children a lot already, but then, we are Single With Kids.

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