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This is a fiction book, but based on my own experiences of internet dating.

All the names, date, places, times etc have been changed to protect anonymity.

Tom was cast as Captain Rawdon Crawley, one of two brothers.

He is at risk of losing his family and fortune as he is desperate to be with character Becky Charp, portrayed by actress Olivia.

The show is scheduled to air in 2018, but who is the actor and what do we know about him?

It was announced in the summer of 2017 that Tom would appear opposite Olivia Cooke in ITV and Amazon’s adaptation of Vanity Fair.

), she’s looking for that special person to spend her future with.

Not backward about coming forward, Daisy makes contact with various possible dates and goes on a few too.

It took fifty years of my life to get this, my first book, finished. I was feeling very alone, and uncertain about the future. I needed a mate - like the solitary chimpanzee in the zoo. In fact my internet dating experience was totally exhilarating.

I was distracted by marriage, motherhood and my career in medicine. I loved logging on and couldn’t wait to see the latest happenings on my site. I met some great people along the way, and laughed and laughed more than I had in years. I also found - that the only people looking at dating sites - are people looking for dates.

We also meet Daisy’s friends, the Amigos, and her daughter, Imogen.

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