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Dating zippos by stamp

ERMA computerized the manual processing of checks and account management and automatically updated and posted checking accounts.

Stanford Research Institute also invented MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) as part of ERMA.

The first customer of every week who came in to purchase this revolutionary television, would receive one of these specially made Zippo lighters. During the 1950s, researchers at the Stanford Research Institute invented "ERMA", the Electronic Recording Method of Accounting computer processing system.

They came in their own special packaging and were used for a 1 or 2 year period. ERMA began as a project for the Bank of America in an effort to computerize the banking industry.

The two bases above appear similar at first glance, however looking particularly at "" we see some differences.

The only canadian zippo dating we collect information is if you are submitting something.

Building a collection of these would therefore take a considerable amount of both time and money.

Like lighters from other years, there are significant variations in the manufacturing process that can help determine the exact year of production.

He commanded Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Marietta, Georgia.

In 1953, his rank of colonel was made permanent, and in 1959, Jimmy Stewart was promoted to Brigadier General.

The finished body was then baked which causes the paint to "crackle" These lighters became known as Black Crackles.

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