soul mates friend usa dating - Dating your neighbor good idea

Or she is sitting home alone, feeling lonely on Wednesday night, and sends you a text message to see if you want to come over.Either way, you can’t beat the convenience of being 100 feet away.

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University of Melbourne social sciences lecturer Lauren Rosewarne says the closer you live to your date, the more likely it is that you run in the same social circles, making it a little awkward if things don’t work out.

“Most dates won’t end up with you walking down the aisle, so having to see that person from that bad one night stand at Woolworths or at the post office will not only be embarrassing, but exists as something that can happen repeatedly,” Dr Rosewarne says.

The familiarity and compatibility of knowing you and your neighbor are there for each other without all of the emotional baggage that a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship might bring is very liberating.

It’s comforting when you know the other person and what his or her likes and dislikes are, and vice versa. The convenience of being right next door can’t be beat.

Mr Statovski met the woman upstairs at a house-warming party he held after moving into the building.

They got along well, and started catching up regularly to use the building’s gym together. “Friends were giving me the famous idiom of not ‘doing something’ where you eat,” he says.

It’s always nice to have someone to confide in about feelings and emotions that we experience with people we are dating.

My neighbor and I were friends first, so I felt comfortable running things by her.

Joanne Veres, 37, found dating difficult in the past.

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