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Although Yemen has three women ministers in the current transitional unity government, 3 members in parliament, 1 in the lower house and 2 in the upper house, and there was one woman ambassador out of 57 posts, yet it continues to occupy the last place in the region as well as in the overall rankings of 135 countries for six consecutive years.Yemen is one of the worst countries in the world in terms of gender disparity, the discrimination against women in Yemen is highlighted by the World Bank figures which indicate that males achieve 5,9 year of education on average while females only achieve 1.3 years and in the work force women only represent 6%.The Yemeni Constitution proclaims equality between women and men in article 41, but also refers to women as ‘men’s sisters’ who have rights and obligations as determined by Sharia law, which forms the basis of all legislation.

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The proposals under the subheading “child marriage” put forth a minimum age for both genders of 18.

Early marriage is considered to be a particularly serious issue in Yemen, where according to the most recent data available, 12% of women were married by the age of 15, 32% before the age of 18; 17.2% of 15-19 year old women were married or in a union.

Yemen has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, seven women die everyday due to complications during childbirth.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) cites child marriage as a factor that contributes to Yemen’s lack of progress in meeting at least two goals: gender equality and reduced maternal mortality.

Besides the risk of marital rape before puberty and domestic violence, are reproductive health risks due to adolescents' smaller pelvises such as obstructed labour which can lead to maternal mortality.

Many become pregnant and have children soon after marriage, while they are still children themselves.

emen is the poorest country in the Arab world with limited opportunities and resources, and has high unemployment and widespread corruption and rampant human rights abuses.

The life of an average Yemeni citizen's is therefore challenging, yet to be a woman in Yemen is even more challenging.

Sharia law provides for detailed and complex calculations of inheritance shares.

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