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What does it take to be a successful grandparent in today’s world? The best grandparents tend to be full of patience – for their grandchildren as well as for their grandchildren’s mom and dad.Even if your grandchildren are boisterous or sometimes misbehave, the best grandparents know that it’s all part of growing up.It can be very hard to do, but in these situations, you have the greatest motivation of all: the love of a child.

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Other states require grandparents to prove it will "harm" the child if they do not have a relationship. How can I break the ice and heal this family before it's too late?

Proving harm is much harder than proving that it is in the best interest of the child to see grandparents. " Addressing family discord when it starts is probably the most important step to preventing a situation in which grandparents and grandchildren are separated.

"My son and his wife divorced, and she will not let me see my grandson. I was very close to my grandson." Some families have long-term communication problems or control and boundary issues.

In some cases, there may be substance abuse or other chronic problems among the generations.

It used to be unusual to hear about families that were splintered, keeping grandparents and grandchildren separated.

Now it is the most common challenge, from what grandparents tell me.

I am worried sick about what this is doing to the kids. In states that do allow grandparents to petition for visitation, the standard for determining whether or not visitation is awarded varies.

Some states ask grandparents to prove that it is in the "best interest of the child" to have a relationship with them.

Unfortunately, there are also states that don't allow grandparents to petition the court for visitation with grandchildren under any circumstances. Healing small disagreements and family rifts before they fester and become full-blown breaks is essential.

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