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Even as more and more breweries dot the Downtown landscape, Angel City remains a solidly clutch date spot with a variety of all-in-one opportunities for getting to know each other.

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A sultry, stylish, and dimly lit basement serves the perfect backdrop for spectacular Neapolitan pizzas and sumptuous house pastas perfect for you to “ohh” and “ahh” over together as you “ohh” and “ahh” over each other.

Those smooth-sipping and potent cocktails and the restaurant’s extensive wine list will also likely help further the cause.

The starry-eye-inducing, Javanese bishopwood tree on the back patio very likely holds magical powers and the house charcuterie, roasted duck for two, and exceptional cocktails together possess some sort of love potion.

It’s all difficult to quantify, but trust us, it works.

Fire up the evening with a dozen oysters and hits from their stand-out cocktail rundown, including the classic English Milk Punch -- an award-winning and labor intensive concoction made with rum, whiskey, cognac, absinthe, clove, nutmeg, coriander, bitters, pineapple, lemon, green tea, and milk that’s been curdled (trust us) and clarified. From there you’re in for some saucy dishes like handmade cavatelli with pork cheek sugo and spicy jerk chicken.

You’re also perfectly poised to continue date night at nearby L. Live or, you know, someplace more intimate far from hundreds of screaming fans.And the signature buffalo cauliflower seems to bring everyone closer together.Perhaps not surprisingly, one of our favorite French restaurants also happens to be prime date territory.Besides, if all else fails, you can train Pokémon together there.This gorgeous Downtown favorite continues to draw crowds of the romantically inclined.Head up into the Hills those killer views and “Lucky 7” happy hour deals (Fri-Sun, 5-8pm) on sushi, light Cal-Asian bites and cocktails like the large, shareable Koi Bowls, including the Red Lotus -- with vodka, lychee, and fresh raspberries.

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