the earth has been determined by radiometric dating to be - Dating someone with same name as sibling

: DMy brother's wife has the same first name as my sister. :)Funny, I thought this was a topic only I seemed to care about.

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I think there's another instance of same names but I can't remember them all. Probably not, considering I don't use my brother's name when talking to him; I go with 'bro', 'Ruffles', or a diminutive short form of his name.

The odds of meeting someone with either of those first two as their actual name are slim.

My half-sister married a man with the same first name as my older full-brother.

When the parents moved out to the same state as half-sis, and older full-brother followed to go to law school, conversation got a little confusing as to which man we were talking about.

I shared a cubicle at work with a same-named guy, and he was way more of an ass than my bro ever was...

My dad's name was Thaddeus - you don't run into that much, but I don't think it would have deterred me.Never really considered it'd be a problem for my sister, but I guess it isn't.I've only got one brother, and I never dated anyone with the same name, but I don't think it would have been an issue.So I don't think it'd even register that my dude would have the same name as my brother. Hell, one of them has a name that I've only encountered in a character played by Kim Basinger (I'd hit that) and a Nobel Prize winning author.Brother #2 married a girl with the same name as our sister, only she spells it slightly differently.I wouldn't be bothered at all - and I don't even like my sister.

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