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and the best kind of love that you can engage in is the confronting kind.The kind where your partner acts as a mirror to you and they lovingly help pull all of your demons out of you over time. They’ll point a flashlight into every corner of your dark mental attic, and illuminate all of the things that you try to hide from the world.I engaged in surface level relationships because I feared the anxiety that intimacy produced for me.

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If you did things exactly as I coach, it would have gone something like this: You put a hand on his and say, “Brad, I’m really attracted to you and I am having a GREAT time right now.

Just so you know, I don’t sleep with guys that I’m not in an exclusive relationship with.

Date someone who lovingly pushes you to become more who you are at your core as a person.

Date someone who nudges you outside of your comfort zone regularly and helps you level up in life.

____“If she doesn’t scare the hell out of you a little, she’s not the one”At first glance, this meme might seem to be implying that you need to only date emotionally unstable people.

But if you sit with it for a moment, it takes on a whole other (and more important) layer of meaning.But I also did it because I saw some warnings signs (an undertone of control, blaming, and maybe some jealously) and he was clearly testing my boundaries sexually. I do want a relationship, eventually, when a nice guy with an edge comes around but until then I am dating, having fun, getting to know them so I can decide and I make that clear from the start.And does “just” dating mean that I am “just” looking for sex in the eyes of the rest of the world? These are YOUR boundaries, no matter what the reasons are.As much as mainstream media would prefer you to think otherwise, the best relationships are not all sunshine and roses.Relationships are the ultimate vehicle for self-growth…Together, you’ll navigate this territory, but the boundary has already been drawn.

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