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If you and your social media persona are the same, you just might not be genuine, which makes you superficial.#13 They chat it up, but when it is your turn to talk they tune out.#3 Is more concerned about their looks than their goodness.

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That means they couldn’t care less about what is going on underneath.

Superficial people care about one person only, and that’s themselves.

[Read: Backhanded compliment: How to react kindly or give back in kind] #16 They are all about the cause if they like the logo.

Superficial people have no cause but to further themselves in some fashion.

Not very much fun to be around, a superficial person isn’t going to be your lifesaver, your emergency contact, or the person you contact if you ever need anything – because a relationship with them is all about what you provide.

Superficial person alert – 36 traits they just can’t hide Being superficial seems like you get the best with giving very little.

A good “Bless your heart,” and they are all good to rip you to shreds the moment you aren’t within ear’s distance. If they have something to contribute it is typically “Did you hear about…” Gossip is about as deep that a superficial person goes in conversation.

‘Cause they use the guise of “I am really worried about ___.” They worry about nothing but having a juicy story to tell that puts them in the heart of attention.

The only thing that is genuine about a superficial person is their brand name purse.

Trust it, there is no such thing as a knockoff in a superficial person’s world.

So, if you start talking to a superficial person, they hijack the conversation, so it always comes back to “me.” [Read: Are you a conversation narcissist?

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