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Under the High Command's leadership, Vulcan policy toward other planets became more aggressive and interventionist, using an ancient monastery at P'Jem to spy on Andorian activities.(") Vulcan also became less tolerant of political and philosophical challenges towards the High Command's operations, notably engaging in purges of the Syrrannite group, who claimed that Vulcan society was no longer following the teachings of Surak.A month or so after my boyfriend and I made our relationship open, he sent me a strange Instagram message.

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You could beat the heat by watching a dumb action movie in an air-conditioned theater, or go see rapper/producer/writer/director Boots Riley's cinema debut that has everyone talking. Musk's half-hearted apology came in the form of a response to another person’s tweet.

That tweet defends Musk’s actions in Thailand and claims that "journalism is dead." The tweet also links out to a Quora post that describes media coverage of Musk as a "fake news" conspiracy.

Trying to understand the nature of this entity, they start chasing the woman through space." A new poll by The Atlantic and the Public Religion Research Institute finds that Democrats and Republicans have wildly divergent views on core democratic issues, including Russian election interference.

Russia's last tsar, his wife, and their five children were murdered amid the tumult of the Bolshevik revolution 100 years ago today.

His followers swore to live their lives by an ethical system devised by Surak and based purely on logical principles. (") Although this new philosophy spread rapidly across Vulcan, a minority, many of whom were known as "those who march beneath the raptor's wings", rejected Surak's ideals.

A destructive war began, including the use of atomic bombs, and among the victims was Surak himself.

( Another group that rejected Surak's philosophy was known as the "v'tosh ka'tur", or "Vulcans without logic".

The v'tosh ka'tur believed in controlling emotions by allowing themselves to actively experience them rather than suppressing them.

The Humans helped negotiate a peace between the two over a disputed class D planetoid known to the Vulcans as Paan Mokar.

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