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Whilst the first two rows consisted of the names of his predecessors, the third row is just a repetition of Seti’s throne name and praenomen. Sheila T-SI don't think the Oseirion is a part of Seti's temple.

Apart from being an important legitimising tool for Seti’s dynasty, the Abydos King List was also an incredibly important document for our understanding of the kings of ancient Egypt, especially those from the Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period. The construction is vastly different, almost completely unadorned, and sits 50ft lower in elevation.

Seti I was probably one of the least well known pharaohs of the New Kingdom period of ancient Egypt.

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Like the temples of his predecessors, Seti’s temple was dedicated to Osiris, and consisted of a pylon, two open courts, two hypostyle halls, seven shrines, each to an important Egyptian deity (Horus, Isis, Osiris, Amun-Ra, Ra-Horakhty and Ptah) and one to Seti himself, a chapel dedicated to the different forms of the god Osiris, and several chambers to the south.

In addition to the main temple, there was also an Osireion at the back of it.

Various additions to the temple were made by later pharaohs, including those from the Late, Ptolemaic and Roman periods.

The Temple of Seti played an important role in his family’s claim as a legitimate royal household.

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This desire for legitimacy has also indirectly benefitted us today, as Seti left behind a list of kings that helped patched some holes in the history of Egyptian kingship, as well as a spectacular monument that continues to be visited by thousands of people every year. Egypt: The Temple of Seti I and the Osireion at Abydos. IMO this not only implies it would have been virtually impossible for the Oseirion to have been built during the time of Seti, it indicates an antediluvian date of construction, some time during the Last Glacial Maximum when global sea levels were much lower.

One other indication that the Oseirion was not built by Seti's engineers is the awkward, uncharacteristic right-angle turn in the temple structure, without which it would have extended directly overtop the Oseirion.

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