Dating ruger pistols

Inspired by the classic Colt Single Action cowboy gun of the mid-19th Century, the Zeliska weighs over 13 pounds, each .600 Nitro Express bullet costs nearly , and the cylinder alone tips the scales at more than 4 pounds.

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Mancom targetry is the Porsche of target retrieval systems.

In most cases, cleanings are unable to be done on holidays or weekends, however you can always leave your firearm with us overnight and we will contact you the moment it is clean.

Recoil reducing “lead sleds” available to increase your enjoyment of large calibers.

Does your facility support physically handicapped shooters?

Take your pick of .45/70 Government, a bullet used in buffalo guns; a .44 Magnum slug; or even a .410 shotgun shell. Optima .50 cal Black Powder Any bloodthirsty pirate on the Spanish Main would have put this muzzle-loading single shot to good use.

It fires a .50-caliber lead ball up to 1,400 feet per second, and it’s accurate to 50 yards--100 if you’re an expert marksman.The Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum blasted the big-bore handgun into pop culture way back in 1971, as the preferred sidearm of Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry".Forty-four years later it still ranks among the most powerful production handguns available, but there’s no shortage of modern-day power pistols that are even more formidable. The perfect minimum distance for rifles, scopes and ballistics. They can turn 360 degrees forcing you to make split second decisions. The backstop is a “Supertrap” capable of stopping a .50 cal BMG at point blank. Approximately 25% of shooters are women and the figure is growing. Youth under 18 need a guardian present or written permission on file to shoot. Twelve 25 yard pistol lanes and five 100 yard rifle lanes. Our targets are interactive and can run and hide from you and then present and rush. Women are not only welcome but are the fastest growing section of the shooting sports. Minors are welcome and are the future of our sport. That's a devastating combo of speed and power that will stop just about anything in its tracks.

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