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pottery mark query Alsatian Dog Figurine - H Mark Within a House Backstamp:- I was given a porcelain Alsatian that my mother picked up in Germany in 1946 but the piece may date from an earlier period.The mark is in the shape of a house with an upper floor.The prices went from about USD to 0 USD depending on the figure and how much work was in it.

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On the back has the stamp with the name (logo) Hertwig.

The tail of g is long and on it has the house stamp and also has a number 37. Mike Hi Mike Thank you so much for confirming that my lady skier does have a companion.

Would love to know if anyone else has one of these figurines and how they came by it.

My father just passed away so I am researching the value of the male skier (Katzhutte porcelain) from Dresden which was a wedding gift to my parents (father's family was from Dresden) in 1942.

There is a letter M in lower case below the pottery mark which may be the potters mark.

PETER MEDCALFReply by Peter (admin)To:- pottery mark query Alsatian Dog Figurine - H Mark Within a House Backstamp Hi Peter MCould have done with a picture of the wares and the mark, but interesting pottery mark submission nontheless.

Please contact me if you are interested in seeing a photo of it - it's in perfect condition with wood skis and poles.

============================Message from Peter (admin)Hi Yes please, all you need to do is send the photo to me here:I can then add the photo to your comment right here.

I would like to find out if possible the aproximate year of the making. e-mail is [email protected] Hi Thanks to your site we have identified our lovely elegant 1920's dressed skier. We had heard that there was a man skier, but this seems to be unlikely from what we have read on your site. um 1920 auch K√ľnstler wie auch Josef Lorenzl und Stephan Dakon, eventuell auch Gustav Oppel.================================Help Elf says:-Translation from original German above reads:-"According to my research on Hertwig & Co, around 1920, artists such as Josef Lorenzl, Stephen Dakon, and possibly Gustav Oppel were working with the company." We have a pair of Skiers: A Lady and a Man....circa 120 outfit, wooden ski and loose sticks. I too would be interested to know what these figurines are worth. Also if you ever wish to sell your man Mike, please let me know. Your flagging system by emails is a wonderful service, for which I thank you again. Normally we try not to get too involved with value of wares here on these identification forums.

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