Dating pyrex marks

White glass lines were often decorated with decals in natural, floral, or geometric patterns.

Some of the most popular decal patterns include Primrose, Anniversary Rose, Wheat, Blue Mosaic, and Forget-Me-Not.

Some lines are solid glass in opaque colors: white, ivory, turquoise, creamy pink (rose-ite), light green (jade-ite) and pale blue (azure-ite).

dating pyrex marks-1

I know the colored stuff (milk colored w/ colored exteriors) is all pre-1998.

I think it's time to touch on the dates associated with certain marks.

It could be purchased at grocery stores, dime stores and hardware stores.

This collectible glassware comes in many colors and patterns.

Some older molds would still be in use as the new ones were put into production.

The result was that authentic Fire King pieces made at the same point in time may or may not be embossed.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t true Fire King glass or that their value is any less.

A reproduction is a copy of the original, and a fantasy piece is one that was never in the line of the original manufacturer, but is designed to look like something they might have produced.

There may be some in grandma’s attic, or still in her china cabinet.

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