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This particular machine is a clone of the Olivetti Lettera 92.

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It displays well, but then the De Luxe Quiet Tab both displays better and types better.

The Leader is only for the completist collector or the self-abusive tortured writer.

Apart from the De Luxe's cosmetic upgrade, the two are virtually the same machine.

The only major functional improvements are the addition of wing-like paper supports, a metered paper pail, and a variable line spacer. This second version of the De Luxe Quiet Tab is probably the flashiest typewriter Underwood ever produced.

Note the button to release the ribbon cover and the swoopy carriage return lever.

Not immediately apparent is a new geometric slab serif typeface--apparently based upon Memphis--that is more modern and artistic while still being professional enough for business use.

Even the cardboard disk advertising Ell Wood ribbons and paper, which would have been displayed with the machine in the store, is still intact.

On the back of the Ell Wood promo is penciled, "Insp. B." Could these be the initials of an Underwood factory inspector? Though unlabeled, the lack of backspace, tab, or margin-release keys says that these must be the Underwood Junior.

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