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Garrison who claimed to have obtained the details from ancient inscriptions. According to his story, a brave warrior loved by a maiden named Altala, was killed during a battle on the river.When Altala, who was watching the battle from the top of a high cliff, saw him fall, she leaped over the edge and into the river.A perfunctory search on the Web will reveal that Hannibal is not the only town on a river that boasts of a place called Lover’s Leap.

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We love the friendly, relaxed and cozy atmosphere of this coffee shop and I have to commend the staff for their excellent customer service as they replaced my Italian soda free of charge after I spilt it all over my toes. Apart from souvenir t-shirts and coffee mugs, a selection of pottery by Steve Ayers and paintings by Brenda Beck-Fisher are for sale.

The museum has a collection of many first editions by Mark Twain, family photographs and numerous personal items.

The narrated tour covers 14 miles, with stops at Sawyer’s Creek, Rockville Mansion, Mark Twain Cave and downtown Hannibal.

The trolley ride is always one of my favourite things to do while visiting Hannibal especially since each of the tour guides, who are generally the trolley drivers, narrate the history of the town and its attractions in his or her own inimitable style – so it never gets boring.

A frequently updated list of activities may be found here.

Trolley rides are always fun no matter where they are and the trolley ride in Hannibal is no exception.Visitors may tour the building and the gardens are open to the public.Alternatively, anyone wishing to experience a glimpse life in a Victorian mansion may book accommodation in this boutique hotel for a few nights.SPOILER WARNING: Following the show's conclusion, spoilers can (and will) be unmarked for the first two seasons to prevent the page being whited out. Since it is only about 45 minutes away from where my in-laws live, this was probably my fifth visit – I’m starting to lose count.Rockcliffe Mansion is a Victorian edifice in the Georgian Revival style.

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