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Chief executive, East of England Strategic Health Authority. (London) His Honour Judge Goolam Hoosen Kader Meeran.

Chairman, National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.

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I would say this to them: “I am concerned that this was a threat.

I would like to discuss specific actions that we can take to ensure that I and others are safe at work.

For services to the Legal Profession and to the City of London Corporation.

Formerly president, Employment Tribunal (England and Wales).

At a minimum, I’d hope we could install our own security system with a panic button, but I’d like to talk about precautions that we can take specific to me, as well, since I may be someone’s target.” Also, you can talk to the police yourself if that’s something you think would help; you don’t need your employer’s okay for that. They should be aware of what’s going on for their own safety too (plus it could be helpful on a number of other fronts, including prompting a confession if this was someone’s horrible joke).

And it would help to have them join you in pushing for a security system that protects more than the soda machine because groups are harder to ignore than individuals. (Salisbury, Wiltshire) Bernard Francisco Ribeiro, CBE. Professor in Pure Mathematics, University of Manchester. [Northwest Research Obsidian Studies Laboratory - PDF]. Pastron, and "The Archaeology of Oak Park, Ventura County, California, Volume 3," edited by C. Review of "Cottonwood Creek Project, Shasta and Tehama Counties, California: Dutch Gulch Lake Intensive Cultural Resources Survey" and "Cottonwood Creek Project, Shasta and Tehama Counties, California: Tehama Lake Intensive Cultural Resources Survey," by Jerald J. 2: Aboriginal Uses of California's indigenous Plants," by Sandra S. Middle to Late Archaic Period Changes in Terrestrial Resource Exploitation along the Los Peñasquitos Creek Watershed in Western San Diego County: Vertebrate Faunal Evidence from the Scripps Poway Parkway Site (CA-SDI-4608) [JCGBA]. Chief Constable and president, Association of chief Police Officers.

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