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When World War II ended, many women who had worked in factories during the war returned to home and the domestic way of life.

The feminism so characteristic of the 1920s to early 1940s was noticeably lacking throughout the 1950s.

The Hollywood motion picture industry, in particular, came under suspicion, resulting in many actors and actresses having their careers destroyed.

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Known as the King of Rock and Roll, or just the King, Elvis became a pop culture sensation.

Adored by teenage fans, and often despised by older generations, Elvis's hip gyrations and rebellious attitude reflected the spirit of 1950s youth.

By the time the Soviet Union successfully exploded their first atomic bomb in 1949, the Cold War was well underway.

The Red Scare, sometimes called the Era of Mc Carthyism or just Mc Carthyism, was a period of time roughly between 1947-1954 when many Americans experienced heightened fear over the potential spread of communism.

Prosperity and social conservatism came to define the early postwar era, amid Cold War-related anxiety.

Thousands of young American men had spent years away from their wives and girlfriends because of World War II.In many ways, the early postwar era was a socially conservative time.Gender roles for men and women were more often than not traditional and very clearly defined.You can imagine the joy they experienced upon being reunited.Not surprisingly, marriage rates soared in the postwar era. People born during this time are now commonly called 'baby-boomers.' With the dramatic increase in new families, suburbs emerged as a popular place to live.Fearful over the possibility of a nuclear attack, some Americans went as far as constructing their own underground bunkers.

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