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In comparison with many people in Kenya, Swahili people enjoy a relatively high standard of living.Under Islam, husbands and fathers have authority in the home.

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Most homes have electricity, indoor plumbing, several bedrooms, and a living room furnished with a couch and chairs.

Access to water is critical for Muslims who must wash before prayers.

For Muslims, the most important holidays are religious. Eid al-Hajj celebrates the yearly pilgrimage to Mecca.

Each Eid is celebrated by praying, visiting relatives and neighbors, and eating special foods and sweets.

During the colonial period and since independence in the early 1960s, Swahili people have been a minority Muslim population in the secular states of Kenya and Tanzania.

The deep harbors along the east African coast have long sustained a profitable fishing and shipping economy.

The language includes many words borrowed from Arabic (and other languages), yet its grammar and syntax place it in the Bantu language family, which has roots on the African continent.

Like many Kenyans, Swahili people also use English in their daily interactions, particularly in schools, government offices, and the tourist industry.

For Swahili people, Islam encompasses more than just spiritual beliefs and practices; Islam is a way of life.

Swahili people celebrate the nation's secular (nonreligious) public holidays.

Graduation ceremonies mark a young person's educational progress. Weddings can include several days of separate celebrations for men and women.

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