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Collectors worldwide may find a One Escudo gold coin is easy to understand if it is thought of as having the approximate value of two silver dollars when it was struck; 16 reales equaled one escudo. In terms of economic development, there is a close relationship between the Eight Reales silver coins of Spanish-speaking societies and the of German-speaking societies, spanning a time period from the 1500s to the 1800s. Though not precisely equivalent to each other in size and silver content, all such large silver coins were very similar in this regard for centuries, amazingly so.

Collectors who may wish to specialize in a particular denomination or in the coins of one Latin American society should assemble a type set first while learning more about the subject matter.

In the realm of coin collecting, type sets are considered to be sensible, logical and productive to assemble.

So, there are close relationships between the coins of the Spanish Empire, the history of the Americas (the Western Hemisphere), and the coins of Central America that were minted during the first half of the 19th century.

Most of these historically important coins are not very expensive now.

I suggest that type collectors and beginners ignore the assayer initials.

For most CAR gold issues, there was just one assayer per mint and year, anyway.CAR coins were intended to circulate throughout Central America and be accepted elsewhere.Although it is practical to seek most CAR gold “by date” (including mint locations), it is best for those beginning in this area to focus upon a type set.Representing major clients such as Nestle, Bank of America, HSBC, EDS, Prudential, JP Morgan and American Express, each of our 13 offices, eight of which are wholly-owned, is a local market leader.Strategically located throughout the countries of ARGENTINA Brazil COLOMBIA CHILE MEXICO PANAMA PERU VENEZUELA Ave Francisco de Miranda Edificio Parque Avila (Torre HP) Torre B, Piso 6, Oficina 6-B-1 Los Palos Grandes, Caracas Phone Number: 58 2 Each regional office provides property owners, corporate users and institutions with the most comprehensive sales, leasing, disposition, property management, project management and consulting services for a full range of properties including industrial, office, investment, retail, and multifamily.A type set of CAR gold coins is not difficult to assemble.

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