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Now the Five Star Party has secured the mayor-ship of Rome, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi probably understands what Benito Mussolini meant when he stated: "Governing the Italians is not impossible, it is merely useless".

Attempts at reformation by Renzi have not yielded the hoped-for results.

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It isn't the distance, or the long drive that make it impossible, it's the huge gas bills! I started sticking to the dollar choices and foregoing the drink and overloaded carb sides. I may have to start eating carrots because I miss the sensation of actually chewing on food that bigger than a bite.

A walk in the park has became the standard of quality.

Italy’s economy has shrunk by around 10 per cent since 2007, as the country endured a triple-dip recession.

Output has regressed to levels of over a decade ago.

Overall unemployment is around 12-13 per cent, with youth unemployment around 40 per cent. The damage is long term, with as much as 15 per cent of Italian industrial capacity destroyed, reducing employment and growth potential.

Once its strength, Italy’s smaller enterprises have contracted as a result of low sales, declining profitability and lack of financing.

Coffee is out, bring a bottle of tap water and drop a cough drop in it for flavor. It's a Russian clone cologne called Sweatov Maibhaals. You know you can call me used to do..out a window. However if you like being with someone and they like being with you.

Dinner will be ready when I catch something out of the lake, be it fish or footwear. It will mean a longer period of e-mails and calls before meeting anyone far away. they will understand the paychecks dont go up as fast as costs do.

This has constrained the supply of credit to the economy.

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