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Bullfighting season lasts the sunny half of the year, March to November, and goes hand in hand with many of the local festivals.

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The culture is complex, different origins of people and individual histories are all part of what Andalucía is today.

Present day should honour our Andalusian compadres and not only rejoice in their complex history but celebrate where it has brought us to present day.

Today flamenco is subdivided into different genres.

From classical to modern and guitar driven, to “flamenco puro” it’s in the hearts and souls of the people young and old of Andalucía.

Or the beautiful churches in Cordoba, where you can look back in time to the medieval art period (13th-16th century).

You can easily find yourself at a cathedral in Granada, where you will be transported two hundred years to the Baroque period.Next on our unique list is an event, which in today’s society many frown upon, but having historically begun in Andalucía, it can still be appreciated for cultural beauty and differences – Bullfighting.The bullrings themselves are architecturally stunning, such as the famous arena of Ronda.If slaying a bull isn’t quite your preferred past time, there is always Andalucía’s answer to folk dancing. This involves singing, Spanish guitar and vibrant dancing with the infamous hand clapping!Dating back on record as early as 1774, this popular music and dance has become recognized world wide.Originally organised as a livestock fair in 1847, it grew in popularity and transformed into the celebration of costumes and parades of carriages that it is today.

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