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The old village of Bowenpally with its people-friendly streets still exist.

One among the few old structures left is an old shrine with some rough sculptures of a bull with distinct Kakatiyan design, near the Bowenpally Police Station.

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Both types of phone numbers are 10-digits long, but Hyderabad landline phones include the 2-digit Hyderabad area code (' 40 ') whereas Hyderabad mobile phones do not require a separate area code.

The complete international phone numbers you should use to reach the two types of phones are shown below.

It is also the meeting point of two national highways: NH 7 (marked as "Nizamabad Road" on the map) and NH 9 (marked as "Pune Road" on the map).

It serves as the gateway to the city from these two highways.

To make an international call to Hyderabad, India, you first need to dial the international access code (aka 'IDD') for your originating country.

You can lookup the international access code for your country in the widget below.

If your country is not listed, you can lookup international access codes / IDDs here and you can lookup country codes here.

Some countries, e.g., Australia, Brazil, France, and Singapore, have more than one international access code (or 'IDD') to designate specific carriers, specific countries, or other purposes.

Old-bowenpally is close to Trimulghery and 4 km from Paradise.

Major Transit locations like Rathifile Bus stop and Secunderabad Railway Station are pretty close to Old Bowenpally.

In addition the Cantonment has plans to widen the road to ease growing traffic.

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