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The gradual assimilation of Lorraine into the French sphere of influence started with the reign of Duke Raoul, who succeeded in 1329 and spent most of his reign at the court of Philippe VI King of France.

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Secondly, "Teodericus dux Lotharingie" donated the church at Nancy to the abbey of Molesme with the consent of "filio suo Simone" by charter dated to [1080/90] which, assuming this dating is correct, was before the date of Duke Thierry's second marriage. Lotharingorum princeps, dux et marchio donated quidquid continetur a rivo de Grimommont usque ad nemus de Granviller et usque ad nemus de Stivay to Saint-Di, at the request of Hugonis de Distorchio, in the presence of suorum filiorum...

Simonis, Theodorici, Gerardi, Henrici, by charter dated .

Such a daughter could not have been born later than 1072 at the latest.

Considering that Hedwig gave birth to two children by her husband Gerhard von Spplingenburg who died in 1075, such a birth date appears incompatible with Duke Simon's wife having given birth to at least seven children, even if their marriage took place as early as [1112/13] as suggested by Poull.

Simonis, Theodorici, Gerardi, Henrici, by charter dated The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines in 1193 refers to "sororcomitis Theoderici et ducis Symonis" as wife of "cuidem forti castellano de Burgundia Bernardo", by whom she had "Iosceranum et sorores eius, qui de sorore comitis Cabilonensis genuit Henricum patrem Iosceranni Grossi".

He opposed his brother's sole succession in 1071, waged war for two years, the dispute being settled when his brother ceded him the Saintois and other territories, which became the County of Vaudmont, SIMON de Lorraine, son of THIERRY II Duke of Lorraine & his first wife Hedwig von Formbach (-[13/15] Jan 1139, bur Stulzbron).

However, Duke Simon married "his stepmother's daughter whom she had by her first husband Graf Heinrich", which is best interpreted as meaning that he married the daughter of Gertrude de Flandre, second wife of Duke Thierry II, by her first husband.

The alternative interpretation, that Duke Simon (assumed for the purposes of this argument to be the son of Gertrude de Flandre) married the daughter of Hedwig von Formbach by an otherwise unknown first husband "Graf Heinrich" presents major chronological difficulties.

However, formal French acquisition of Lorraine territory did not accelerate until the mid-17th century, and the duchy was only finally annexed by the kingdom of France in 1766 after the death of Stanislas Leszczinski Duke of Lorraine, who was the father-in-law of King Louis XV.

, son of GERHARD Graf [von Metz] & his wife Gisela --- (-Remiremont [14 Apr] or 11 Aug [1070]).

Weakened by this conflict, Louis Comte de Mousson claimed the title duke from Duke Thierry. Pibo Bishop of Toul granted privileges to the monastery of Toul Saint-Lon and named "dux Theodericus et Simon puer eius filius, et frater ducis Gerardus comes et Renardus comes Tillensis" by charter dated Theodoricus...

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